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Spiral Wound Gasket
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Specification of Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral Wound Gasket

All kind of materials from stainless steel, Titanium, Nickel Monel, Incone, Asbestos / Non Asbestos (PTFE / Dechlorinated / Expanded Grapithe Paper / Tape are available for the HOOP FILLER, INNER RING, and OUTER RING. Applicable for Oil, Water, Steam, Air, Gas, and other liquids in flanges, Valves and other equipment.

Temperature : 450°C                Standart Sizes : KS B1 518
Pressure       : 150 Lbs                                     KS V7 112 520 SU
                      300 Lbs                                     JIS F7 102 450 SU
                      600 Lbs                                     JIS F7 102 520 SU
                      1500 Lbs                                   JPI 7S-41-85
                                                                      API 601-88

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